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EYERCORD - A project that creates and improves services for communication in Discord and not only. We have: a discord guild for communication between users from different countries, a multifunctional bot that helps the creators of our and other discord guilds to moderate their projects, a bot that informs about coronavirus disease statistics, a blacklist application that contains a list of user accounts that violate the rules of the discord platform and many other services. Also, we do not forget about ordinary users and we also develop applications, bots and websites for them. Our project is designed to facilitate communication and work with guilds in the discord, as well as to expand the existing functionality of the platform with new features. Also, our project has social networks in which we talk about how the development is going, what users can expect from us in the near future, we inform about failures of the Discord platform or our services if this happens, we communicate with the audience and realize your desires in future projects or updates. Also, sometimes we shoot videos or make test posts in which we tell our audience that is interested in the technical side of the issue how all the services that you use with us or with other developers are arranged and how to create your own analogue of information about it. Join our community and start chatting, or go to the main page of our website and learn more about everything we develop. If you need help - contact our project support.

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