Terms Of Service

EYERCORD services on the Internet as well as our online communities require compliance with certain rules within these services for correct operation and comfortable use for everyone. Below you will find the terms of use of our web projects and integrations in the form of bots or applications. You can read the community rules in Discord in a special text channel for this.

  1. It is forbidden to interfere with the operation of our services accidentally or intentionally, including conducting DDoS attacks, spamming, using bot applications to work with the site, bypassing captcha, hacking the service and/or otherwise influence its operation.
  2. Misleading other users and/or attempting to gain access to other people's accounts is prohibited.
  3. It is forbidden to create an EYERCORD ID account under the age of 13. This is because we collect some of your personal information through our own analytics services or third party providers.
  4. By creating an EYERCORD ID account, you automatically agree to be responsible for it yourself and if the account is hacked, we will not be able to help you recover your account if the terms of use are violated using it. To keep your account safe, we recommend that you register it only with your personal email address and use a complex password and do not use one password for all services.
  5. By using EYERCORD software you agree to use it in its original, unmodified condition (does not apply to Open Source products). If the software is modified, we have the right to block its use as well as your account and prevent your device from accessing our services.
  6. All EYERCORD projects have their own owners (may be different for different projects) and assigning any product to yourself is a violation of these conditions.
  7. Any insult to other participants in discussions (for example, in comments) and ordinary users of services, as well as moderators, owners, administrators, programmers and other people associated with EYERCORD projects is prohibited.
  8. If you violate these terms of use, as well as other rules, we may restrict your access to our products and services and/or block your EYERCORD ID account. Also, if you want to stop using our products for any reason, you can independently delete your account and leave all our communities (we hope that there will be no reason for this). If you have any problems before deleting your account or stopping using our services, we recommend that you contact the support team.
  9. Even if your actions are not prohibited by our terms of use but they harm our project, we can restrict your access to our projects and/or block you.
  10. It is forbidden to circumvent punishment using second accounts (twinks), VPN and proxy servers, virtual machines and/or other methods.

For minor violations, we may issue you a warning and temporarily restrict access to one of the services. For serious and/or repeated violations, you will be issued a ban. Also, if you are asked by support or the administration to change something in your behavior, for example, in communities or not to do something, you must listen to this even if it is not described in these conditions, otherwise you will be punished. If you think support is asking you to do something wrong, report it to eyeeeeer#2310 on Discord. And lastly, if you have not read this text and other rules of our services, you will not be blocked for this, but if you break any of the rules, you will be punished anyway, since ignorance of the rules does not exempt you from liability!