Privacy Policy

By using our products, you share some of your information with us. It describes what data we may collect, what data third-party services may collect, and how that data is protected.

  1. We require that you enter into your account the minimum data required to identify you. All your data that we collect is stored in encrypted form and is not transferred to third parties.
  2. We do not sell user data. Our earnings are based on a subscription model.
  3. We use third party services (such as analytics) that may collect your data when you use our products. We recommend that you read the privacy policies of Google and Discord before using our services.
  4. We use the information you provide only for the proper functioning of all services. For example, an email address and password are used to identify you, a username is used to personalize services, and an advertising ID is used to personalize promotional offers.
  5. We use various data protection technologies to protect your information. For example, when visiting our web services or sites, as well as using applications that interact with our server, we use TLS technology when transferring any data between the server and your browser so that they cannot be intercepted by intruders. We also use hashing technologies to store, for example, account passwords.
  6. You can control the collection of some data, for example, by disabling certain cookies in your browser settings, for example, you can allow data collection only for the current site (domain) and block third-party cookies.
  7. To be sure that your data is safe, we recommend using unique passwords on different sites; this will help, for example, when a database of a site is hacked and will not provide attackers with access to your other accounts (for example, EYERCORD ID). We also advise you to check if a fake site is open. Often, attackers create copies of sites with a similar address (domain) in order to steal account passwords and your personal data. Many modern browsers have a protection against fake sites - we recommend that you enable it! Also, don't forget to regularly check your device for malware (like keyloggers) with antivirus software.
  8. Any content of the messages you send is not saved by our bots. All message content is processed in real time and stored only on the Discord servers. The message content is what we use to define the command and its options when you use bots.
  9. If you do not want us to collect and process your information, you must stop using all of our products. If you use any of our services, even without an EYERCORD ID account, you automatically agree to the collection and processing of your data by us.